360 Jeezy is known for his 360 crown and energetic personality. January 12, 2013 is when he uploaded his first YouTube video titled, “How To Cut Your 360 Waves”.  Through his hard work, knowledge, and consistency he has become well known in the hair industry.

Now with over 3.2 million subscribers and over 500 million views on YouTube, winning many awards for his 360 wave pattern just wasn’t enough. As he obtains knowledge, work hard, and grows in his experiences he’s also able to help others in many different ways beyond just waves.

Motivating and inspiring others of all nationalities and age groups, it’s become more than just a brand he’s built, it’s more so about affecting lives in a positive way. It’s safe to say without GOD none of this would have been possible, he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.

“To each and everyone that purchases this product understand that it takes hard work, dedication, motivation, and consistency to achieve whatever it is you want. Nothing happens overnight, but when you work hard, you get great results.” ⁃ 360Jeezy

“Uncle Kev, we made it!”